The Best Flowers for Your Front Yard

by Mary Crane 01/10/2022

If you’re looking to increase curb appeal or even just add some color to the outside of your home, planting flowers in the front yard is the best way to do it. There are countless combinations of plants and flowers that look great in front of your home, but some are easier and more effective than others. Here we’ll go over the top 5 best flowers to plant in your front yard:


Geraniums are one of the most popular garden flowers you can grow in the ground or in hanging containers. Their blooms come in a large range of colors including purple, red, pink, orange, white and bicolor combinations. Geraniums have a very long blooming season from spring until the first frost. If you have them in containers, you can bring them indoors for the winter to protect them from the cold. Otherwise they thrive in full sunlight and will tolerate only occasional watering.


Rhododendrons have large flowers and large, rich green leaves. Typically, they keep their leaves throughout the winter which means they’ll remain as excellent foliage for the front yard year-round. The bell-shaped flowers bloom in many hues, including shades of purple, red, orange, yellow and white. They have a subtle but very pleasing fragrance as well, making them an even greater addition to the outside of your home.


If you’re interested in more flowers that smell beautiful as well as look beautiful, azaleas are an excellent choice. Azaleas are technically a shrub and will produce low, dense blankets of flowers in almost any climate. They come in pink, red and white but have some rarer varieties that bloom in shades of purple and yellow. Azaleas are hardy plants and their many varieties mean there are lots of choices for different climate zones.


Hydrangeas are an incredibly popular choice for front yards for multiple reasons. You can easily spot their bountiful round flowers from far away, and the bushes themselves grow large and dense for solid greenery in winter. There is a wide variety of colors to choose from, including pink, purple, blue, white and even green blossoms. The intensity and hue of hydrangeas depends on the pH levels of the soil. There are many store-bought soil treatments available that allow you to adjust the soil for a specific color.


Coneflowers are a hardy and easy-to-grow plant that will continue to bloom all summer. The most common colors are purple, pink, orange, red and yellow with rarer green and white varieties available as well. These flowers are very drought-resistant and perennial, so they will come back every year with only a single planting. They are also famous for attracting butterflies, so if you enjoy seeing these winged pollinators in your garden they make an excellent choice.

All the above flowers make beautiful and colorful additions to any front yard. They will make your home eye-catching, fragrant and full of life. Each has different requirements and ideal climate zones, but as long as you do your research before you plant you’ll have a front yard bursting with color.

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